Christmas Playlists for YOU

Happy Season everyone!

I’m out on Toronto Island with my family for the week. One of our family’s Christmas traditions is making hand-dipped beeswax candles that we give to our friends and neighbours as gifts. My mom has been organizing this for as long as I can remember. We cover the dining room table with newspaper and heat up 4 different colours of beeswax on the stove. We make long, tapered candles. They are dipped in pairs, and then hung to dry and harden underneath the stairs (see above!!). We listen to some of our favourite folk records like Nowell Sing We Clear by John Roberts and Tony Barrand, and Frost and Fire by the Watersons. There’s this really rich smell in the air – a mixture of beeswax, the Christmas tree, and the curry and mole sauces my dad makes. It’s the best place to be this time of year!

This year both myself and kith&kin, the vocal group I have with my mom and sister, were included on holiday compilations put together by some great blogs. You can listen to Sound Vat’s playlist “If Jesus had been born in Canada, he would have needed more than swaddling clothes” here, and British blog The Line of Best Fit’s third annual Ho Ho Ho Canada comp here.

Some beautiful music to propel you into 2012!

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