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An old recording and a new one

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Two recordings of my music recently surfaced online! Thought they would be worth sharing here. The first is very old – from my first-ever appearance at Hugh's Room at one of their A Man Called Wrycraft shows when I was 17. At that show, I sang two songs by Otis Redding. At an interview with Points North on CKUA Radio this year my good friend Michael Wrycraft (who hosted the show at Hugh's Room that night) shared this recording that he's been hanging on to all these years! I wasn't able to find a recording of the broadcast online until a fan shared it with me on facebook recently. So, here it is! My song is about 30 mins in, but the whole interview is great! Link below…

The new recording I mentioned is actually a preview of a recording, hehe. But it's a nice one too! This summer I was honoured to be invited to record my version of the great Skydiggers song Feel You Closer for their new project She Comes into the Room – a album of Diggers covers sung by some of their favourite female vocalists. They've put together a preview video to give folks a sneak peak at what to expect from the project! Check it out below! 

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A bunch of news on the latest!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013


I've been a busy lady this summer programming music over at the Island Cafe, and have barely had a chance to do my own thing! But this long weekend, I'm combining the two! On Monday Sept 2nd I'll play the final night of the Cafe's 2nd annual Long Weekend Arts Fest. Myself and Matthew Bailey are going to debut a bunch of new music that we worked on together over the winter, while he was living down at the coldest end of the island, and we'll also do some reworked versions of old songs. My dear sister Martha will do a fire hoop dance as well (hence the picture). It's going to be a beautiful show, and I'm excited to do some of my own singing! You can get all the info on facebook here.

I've also got some other neat stuff on the horizon. I'll be singing with the ever-beautiful a capella group Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0 (aka Isla Craig, Tamara Lindeman, Daniela Gesundheit, Felicity Williams, and Robin Dann) on Sunday Sept 8th at the Great Hall. We are opening for our good friends Matt Cully and Misha Bower (both of Bruce Peninsula). This will be the release show for their debut album as EONS. More info here.

In the spring I did some recording with Michael Timmins for one of his long-running projects: Scott Garbe's Kennedy Suite – a folk-rock opera about the Kennedy assasination, featuring some amazing Canadian musicians. The Cowboy Junkies are putting together a big live show to showcase the project at the Winter Garden Theatre on November 22nd. Guests will include Sarah Harmer, Jason Collett, Skydiggers, Lee Harvey Osmond, Harlan Pepper, Jessy Bell Smith, Reid Jameison, The Good Family (Bruce and Margaret Good), The Screwed, The Potion Kings and myself! Tickets are now on sale here. It's sure to be an amazing night!

See you soon!

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