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Monday, July 7th, 2014

Happy Summer Everyone ! 

I am certainly having a beautiful one so far. I have a couple pieces of news to share! 

First, I was honoured to contribute a song to the compilation album DOMINIONATED – which celebrates eight great years of the Canadian music blog Quick Before it Melts. The assignment was to pick a favourite Canadian song of the 80s or 90s and record a cover of it for the compilation. I chose Mary Margaret O'Hara's Dear Darling, from her classic album Miss America. I recorded it with Michael Timmins, and my great friends Matt Bailey and Noah Reid contributed guitar and piano. You can download the entire album for free here. So delighted to be included in this great group of Canadian bands! 

One of my favourite shows of the year is coming up soon! Sunday July 20th will be the seventh annual Poor Pilgrim Island Show – a traveling musical day on Toronto Island, which is organized by my good friend and Bruce Peninsula bandmate Matt Cully. Every year the show features beautiful unamplified performances by Toronto musicians in hidden natural settings all around the Islands. I'll be opening the show in a collaborative set of (mostly) traditional folk songs with my pal Sean Donald. More info on the show is here. Bring your bike if you have one! Below is a video of John Southworth, one of the great performers to see at Poor Pilgrim 7! 

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Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

It's finally Spring in Toronto! I wanted to share a video with all of you. This is a trailer for a new web series called FLUSH, which is created by my friends Maisie Jacobson and Natasha Greenblatt. They have been working really hard on it and created the trailer as part of an application to get more funding to finish the series. Please take a second to watch the trailer if you can – the more views they get, the more likely they are to get funding! And they used parts of a new song that I recorded with my best bud Matthew Bailey as the background music! This is the first taste of a bunch of new music I've been working on over the past few months! 

I've also got a couple of fun shows coming up in the next few weeks. On Sunday April 13th I'll be singing with Isla Craig and Tamara Lindeman as a trio-version of our all-lady a capella group Soul Sisters Supreme Redux V 2.0. We'll be performing a breakfast show at the wonderful Kazoo! Fest in Guelph Ontario, at Innovation Guelph. More info on that show is here – admission includes coffee and pancake breakfast! 

And then on Saturday April 19th I'll be doing a short set with my family trio kith&kin at One Sweet Day, a great event put on by Sierra Club Canada in Toronto's Sorauren Park to celebrate honey bees and beekeepers! You can get more info on facebook here

Happy Spring! 

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Some shows for the deep winter

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

It is very cold in Toronto. The coldest winter in years! It's been a big deal for lots of folks, but I've actually been enjoying it a lot – skating on natural ice on Toronto Island with my family and cooking lots of big braises and stews at home! I have a few shows coming up that will bring me out of semi-hibernation – maybe they'll get you out too. 

First up, I'll be playing a show of Ivy Mairi tunes with my pal Matt Bailey at the Dakota Tavern on Jan 29th. It's been awhile since I've played my own stuff live, so I'm excited. We're gonna take the opportunity to try out some new songs. We're opening up the show and will be followed by our good friends Animal Parts and Dear Sister – both amazing!! All the details are on facebook here

Then the following night, on Jan 30th, I'll be taking on a new role playing keyboard in the latest incarnation of Matthew Bailey's band! This will be my second time ever playing keyboards live, so wish me luck on my big solos! That show will be at the Common on College – details here

And then later on in February I'm taking part in Returning Current at the Music Gallery – a really cool talk/performance being put on by my friend Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink and renowned acoustic biologist Katy Payne. In the show, Katy will give a talk about her landmark research into elephant communication and humpback whale song. I am part of an amazing choir put together by Daniela that will present some musical moments to illustrate Katy's points, or give context. What we have learned so far about how these animals communicate is amazing – I'm so excited to meet Katy in person and hear her stories! This will be an awesome evening! All the details are here

Here's a great video by Dear Sister to warm your winter…

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A bunch of news on the latest!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013


I've been a busy lady this summer programming music over at the Island Cafe, and have barely had a chance to do my own thing! But this long weekend, I'm combining the two! On Monday Sept 2nd I'll play the final night of the Cafe's 2nd annual Long Weekend Arts Fest. Myself and Matthew Bailey are going to debut a bunch of new music that we worked on together over the winter, while he was living down at the coldest end of the island, and we'll also do some reworked versions of old songs. My dear sister Martha will do a fire hoop dance as well (hence the picture). It's going to be a beautiful show, and I'm excited to do some of my own singing! You can get all the info on facebook here.

I've also got some other neat stuff on the horizon. I'll be singing with the ever-beautiful a capella group Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0 (aka Isla Craig, Tamara Lindeman, Daniela Gesundheit, Felicity Williams, and Robin Dann) on Sunday Sept 8th at the Great Hall. We are opening for our good friends Matt Cully and Misha Bower (both of Bruce Peninsula). This will be the release show for their debut album as EONS. More info here.

In the spring I did some recording with Michael Timmins for one of his long-running projects: Scott Garbe's Kennedy Suite – a folk-rock opera about the Kennedy assasination, featuring some amazing Canadian musicians. The Cowboy Junkies are putting together a big live show to showcase the project at the Winter Garden Theatre on November 22nd. Guests will include Sarah Harmer, Jason Collett, Skydiggers, Lee Harvey Osmond, Harlan Pepper, Jessy Bell Smith, Reid Jameison, The Good Family (Bruce and Margaret Good), The Screwed, The Potion Kings and myself! Tickets are now on sale here. It's sure to be an amazing night!

See you soon!

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Snowblink Video !

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Last summer my sister Martha and I got to flex our hula-hooping muscles while filming the new video for Snowblink's Inner Mini-Mississippi. Snowblink are good friends of mine from the Toronto music community, and their latest record, Inner Classics is amazing! You can stream the whole thing on Brooklyn Vegan here. (BV even calls Martha and I "world class" hula hoopers!) Oh and speaking of friends, the video was directed by Neil Haverty, one of my bandmates from Bruce Peninsula. Bigups to Snowblink for the beautiful song, Neil for the gorgeous video, and to all three of them for having Martha and I dance in their video! Lucky us !

Here's it….

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This week with Matthew Bailey…

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

We had an amazing show on Friday night with Andy Maize and friends at Hugh's Room – what a special place to play. I love it more and more each time! If some photos from the night resurface, I'll be sure to put them up! 

This first week of March is, for me, dominated by one person – my guitarist and best bud Matthew Bailey! I'm playing shows with him every other day this week! Matt put out his debut album, Tendrils (see the beautiful artwork by Raven Julia Shields below), earlier this year, and I was lucky enough to be one of the many great singers featured on the record. Matt is playing two shows this week, and I'll be singing backup. You can see us play…

- On Monday March 4th at the Common on College (hosted by that same Raven Shields – if you've never been to her music nights at the Common, you must go!). This show is with our friend Sean Donald.

- On Wednesday March 6th at the Magpie, opening for Rye and Fairy Tales. For more info click on this.

And then this Friday March 8th, Matt and I will be playing as a duo at the Holy Oak. We've been invited by our good friend Max Kelly to share in his monthly residency there. We're going to play our own songs, as well as lots of covers and some of our old favourites that have fallen off our setlists over the years. You can get all the info here

And finally, you can check out Matt's song Until You Arrived on the latest installment of Tim Sweeney's podcast Rock the Shack here. It's a duet!

It's gonna be a good week!

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Tonight Tonight

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

I have the first of my many December shows tonight at the El Mocambo! All the details are on facebook right here.

I had a great chat with Sarah Greene from NOW Magazine earlier this week about my upcoming shows, No Talker, and more. Check out our Q&A here

AND I just got a wonderful gift from my friend Graham Ereaux of Bolivia and Devarrow. While we were on tour in his town of Sackville NB in October, he shot a takeaway show of Matt Bailey and I performing Neil Young's One of These Days. He just put it up moments ago, so here it is for you! 


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The Most Coast!!

Friday, October 26th, 2012

We're out in New Brunswick and having the BEST TIME!! Check out me and Matt's gas station jump skills! 

We've just gotten home from an amazing show in Sackville NB with our friends Bolivia. We are having a ridiculously fun time with these guys, we laugh all day long (except when we're listening to their beautiful singing voices)! Today we visited Fort Beausejour and ran around on the hills, took photos, and made a live video. We'll be taking the train back to Toronto on Sunday, at which time I promise to post photos from tonight's show, and from our Beausejour adventure! 

Tomorrow we're playing in Halifax – come early to help carve pumpkins to light the show! Details here

More photos and reports soon! The East Coast is the greatest! 

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Much is happening!

Monday, October 8th, 2012

 After a fairly low-key summer, my musical life is coming back into force in many ways! 

My band and I are getting all set to hit the road in celebration of the summer release of our new album No Talker. We’ll be out for the better part of this month, starting in Toronto and working our way east to Halifax! Check all the tour dates right here. We’re super excited to be playing dates with our good friend KIRTY (whose awesome new album is coming out on Oct 17th), as well as our friends Bolivia from New Brunswick. It’s going to be a total time! Look at this beautiful poster by the amazing Nima Lorris….

I’ll also be heading to the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals’ annual conference to play as part of Global Cafe’s showcase on Friday Oct 12th. The OCFF conference is a place where tons of musical friends you’ve made at home and on the road converge for a silly and wonderful weekend of great music and people. Thanks to Global Cafe for having me! 

Another neat thing I’ve got on the horizon is the release of All My Trials, a new song I made with my old friend, drum n bass producer Rene LaVice. This track has been years in the making, so it’s amazing to finally have it come out! RAM Records is putting it out as a single on Oct 22nd, but you can stream it right away on Soundcloud here. I guess you can say it’s a bit of a departure from the stuff I’ve released so far! 

Look at the amazing cover art! Check that hair! Check Rene’s pro face! Photo by Visualbass.

See you soon!

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ALL CAPS! come-down

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

 What a crazy day I had on Sunday….

On Sunday I rehearsed in the morning, went to work, left work, played at the ALL CAPS! festival, went back to work, and then ended up returning to the festival later that evening with my work! So it was quite a day. The festival was so so wonderful – awesome bands, a big lake to swim in, and all your friends were there. The festival is held at Artscape Gibraltar Point - a building which used to be an elementary school – and the school that I attended from grades 1 through 5! It was pretty hilarious and cool to play a show on my old soccer field.

That beautiful photo above is courtesy of the wonderful Joe Strutt of Mechanical Forest Sound. You can listen to a recording Joe made of our song Passing Cars (click here!) at the event. Be sure to check out the other great bands he recorded at the festival! 

We also got a nice little mention in NOW magazine’s roundup of Day 2 of the festival. You can read that one right here

Up next for me is another fun show that they’d only try in summer – playing on a rooftop! Next Thursday August 23rd I’ll be joining my Bruce Peninsula bandmates for a show as part of the Amsterdam Brewery’s Open Roof Festival, which combines live music and film screenings, all on the roof of the brewery! Details are here


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