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j a n u a r y

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Fall-winter 2015 was a pretty crazy season for me, so for the next few months I’m taking some time to hibernate and write and create new things. Expect me to reemerge with a solo Ivy show sometime in the Spring!

I do still have a couple things to share though…Tonight I’ll be singing a couple of songs from the beautiful catalog of Sade with my pals in April Snow at our collective clubhouse – the Holy Oak. There will be lots of other amazing singers taking part, it’s going to be beautiful ! Complete info on the show is here.

kith&kin will be performing as part of IMBOLC on Toronto Island next Saturday Jan 30. The event is an annual fundraiser for Artscape Gibraltar Point. There will be lots of crazy and beautiful stuff going on all day, including a performance by one of my Toronto favs, Bernice. All the details are here.

Finally, I meant to post this awhile back, but there was so much going on! In December I did a little guest interview with my longtime collaborator Rene LaVice on his radio show. You can listen to us talk about the making of our song The Calling. Click here to listen. It’s pretty cute 🙂

i’m gonna sing this song – the video is amazing …..

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warmer soon

Monday, February 9th, 2015

I love winter, but in the last couple of days I've been feeling the first of those spring-pangs – when you're starting to feel ready for the warmer weather to return. In that spirit, I thought I'd post a video I sang in at the end of last summer with my friend Tim Moxam. I've been doing a bunch of work with him and our third bandmate Raffa Weyman over the past year, and a new album is on the way this spring! The video is by our pals at Live in Bellwoods– bigups Mike and Kyle! 

And speaking of videos, mine and Rene LaVice's new track the Calling is well over 100K views on youtube now, which is AMAZING! You can watch the video here. Thanks to all the drum n bass fans who've been sending love our way! 

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Two new releases!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

It's an exciting week! Two projects that I poured a lot of love into over the past year are finally being released! 

The first actually already has been released…sort of. My good friend and drum n bass producer supreme Rene LaVice (who is poised to have a HUGE year) and I worked our butts off on a couple of new collaborations in Spring 2014. The first of them – the Calling – finally saw the light of day last week when BBC's Zane Lowe chose it as his Hottest Record that day and premeired it on the radio! UKF Drum n Bass also put it out on youtube and the love has been flowing in! I'm so proud of Rene – this song was a true labour of love. Check out the UKF video below. 



Then, on January 25th, my best bud Matthew Bailey will release his new EP, You Said I Said. I sing and play keyboards on it (I'm slowly getting better). We've been performing these songs for about a year now, so it is awesome to finally have them recorded and ready for the world! We'll be celebrating the release at the Common on the 25th. Details can be found on facebook here. Check out the teaser video below (the one with the long hair is me!). The album will be out on Bandcamp shortly, and I'll post the link here when it is! 


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three things…

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

February is coming to a close, and we're through the longest nights of the winter now, and I can feel some good spring things coming! 

In this post I want to tell you about three very different things I'm involved with right now.

The first is that I'm thrilled to be playing with my band this coming Friday March 1st at Hugh's Room, opening up for Andy Maize (of Skydiggers), in a special solo performance. Andy has for many years been a close musical friend and a great supporter of mine, so I am so excited to share the stage with him this week. The show will also feature a set of music by Michael Johnston, who plays keys in Andy's band. For tickets and info click here

The second piece of news is that I'll be calling a squaredance as part of the annual Trinity Bellwoods Ice-In, an awesome winter event that takes place in a small enclave on the western edge of Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto. The event is a beautiful celebration of art, music, ice, snow, fire, and community and will feature films projected onto ice, a fire-spinning show, hot drinks, ice art of many kinds, and of course, a squaredance called by me to warm everybody up! More info is here. And it's free! 

And my third piece! My good friend and collaborator Rene LaVice has just released his debut LP on RAM Records. I sing on two songs on the album, including the title track, Insidious. Rene makes drum'n'bass music, and I always enjoy how completely different it feels for me to sing over that kind of music. Listen to Insidious below! 

See you this weekend!

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Much is happening!

Monday, October 8th, 2012

 After a fairly low-key summer, my musical life is coming back into force in many ways! 

My band and I are getting all set to hit the road in celebration of the summer release of our new album No Talker. We’ll be out for the better part of this month, starting in Toronto and working our way east to Halifax! Check all the tour dates right here. We’re super excited to be playing dates with our good friend KIRTY (whose awesome new album is coming out on Oct 17th), as well as our friends Bolivia from New Brunswick. It’s going to be a total time! Look at this beautiful poster by the amazing Nima Lorris….

I’ll also be heading to the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals’ annual conference to play as part of Global Cafe’s showcase on Friday Oct 12th. The OCFF conference is a place where tons of musical friends you’ve made at home and on the road converge for a silly and wonderful weekend of great music and people. Thanks to Global Cafe for having me! 

Another neat thing I’ve got on the horizon is the release of All My Trials, a new song I made with my old friend, drum n bass producer Rene LaVice. This track has been years in the making, so it’s amazing to finally have it come out! RAM Records is putting it out as a single on Oct 22nd, but you can stream it right away on Soundcloud here. I guess you can say it’s a bit of a departure from the stuff I’ve released so far! 

Look at the amazing cover art! Check that hair! Check Rene’s pro face! Photo by Visualbass.

See you soon!

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