All Around Me

Over the past little while I’ve been working on a new single, and it is now out in the world! The song, All Around Me, is a bit of a departure for me musically — but the old ivy is still in there, singing ! I’m so happy with how it turned out. I created it with the help of amazing producer Kieran Adams (of DIANA among others) and engineer/mixer Marcel Ramagnano – two immensely talented and fun people to work with! I’m celebrating the release with a show at Burdock on Sunday May 15th (details here), and will be playing with a full band. Some new songs will be in the mix as well! It will be special night.  Stream the song via soundcloud below.

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two shows !

I’ve got a couple of great shows coming up! The first is going to be very special. This Saturday April 16th I will be opening for the American guitar pioneer Peter Walker, as part of the very first Quiet Quiet Annex Lights Festival being put on by Invocation TO at the Tranzac. I didn’t know a whole lot about Peter’s music before being asked to perform at this show, but I have been a longtime fan of his contemporaries John Fahey and Robbie Basho, so it has been a beautiful experience to explore his music. Ian Russell, formerly of the great 100 Dollars, will also be playing. All the details are here.

And I finally get to announce my next big solo show! I will be premiering a bunch of new songs and playing in full-band form at Burdock on Sunday May 15th! I will be joined by my friend Blunt Chunks for the show. There are some exciting details that will be announced soon, but in the meantime all the pertinent info is here on Facebook. Also, I have recently started making my own show posters – the one below is simple, but it does the job quite nicely I think :)

burdock may poster

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all that you do

Tomorrow night I’ll be playing a set of my own music at the Dakota Tavern! I’ll be joined by my good bud Matthew Bailey for the evening – it’s been almost a year since we played as a duo, so I’m really looking forward.

We’ll be sharing the night with the wonderful Jenny Berkel. Jenny has a new record called Pale Moon Kid coming out soon and I have heard it and it is BEAUTIFUL !! Really a special recording.

I’m so thrilled to be doing such a special show! Details are here. Special thanks to Sparrow Tree Productions for helping out with this show !

Watch this beautiful video of All That You Do, one of the songs from Pale Moon Kid….

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Last spring I was privileged to do some singing on Soft Summer, the forthcoming album by my good friend Tim Moxam. Tim has been busy gearing up for it’s April release via Roaring Girl Records, and a few days ago he released a video for his song Bones. The video features a beautiful dance by Benjamin Kamino and Jolyane Langlois !

It is one of my favourite songs on the record, the feel we got on the recording is so amazing, and it heavily features myself and one of my favourite singing sisters Raffa Weyman, aka RALPH.

I went to visit the day they filmed the video and the vibes were heavy! And funny thing – the arts centre where they shot the video used to be a school, and I was a student there. The room where they shot this video was my 4th grade classroom !

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j a n u a r y

Fall-winter 2015 was a pretty crazy season for me, so for the next few months I’m taking some time to hibernate and write and create new things. Expect me to reemerge with a solo Ivy show sometime in the Spring!

I do still have a couple things to share though…Tonight I’ll be singing a couple of songs from the beautiful catalog of Sade with my pals in April Snow at our collective clubhouse – the Holy Oak. There will be lots of other amazing singers taking part, it’s going to be beautiful ! Complete info on the show is here.

kith&kin will be performing as part of IMBOLC on Toronto Island next Saturday Jan 30. The event is an annual fundraiser for Artscape Gibraltar Point. There will be lots of crazy and beautiful stuff going on all day, including a performance by one of my Toronto favs, Bernice. All the details are here.

Finally, I meant to post this awhile back, but there was so much going on! In December I did a little guest interview with my longtime collaborator Rene LaVice on his radio show. You can listen to us talk about the making of our song The Calling. Click here to listen. It’s pretty cute :)

i’m gonna sing this song – the video is amazing …..

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tis the season of so much !

December is always a busy month for me, and this year is no different! I’ve got a bunch of recent/upcoming shows and things to share…

This past weekend was one of back-to-back awesome shows. Saturday night I joined Isla Craig and her amazing band (featuring a Soul Sisters revival of sorts – 4 out of the 5 were there!) at the Great Hall for the December edition of Long Winter. LW is an amazing local series that mashes up all kinds of cool music, art and experiences. And it’s all ages – something that Toronto needs so badly since most of the downtown all-ages venues of my high school days have closed.

On Sunday kith&kin celebrated the 8th anniversary of our annual Holiday Wassail at the Music Gallery. As always, it was a beautiful show, and the building was jammed with friends and good feelings.

I’ve got a couple more shows coming up in the next week as well. On Dec 16th I’ll do some singing with my friend Tim Moxam at Burdock. He is celebrating the release of the video for his new single Meant to Be, which I had the pleasure of singing on (check it out below). And on December 22nd I’ll be back at Burdock with kith&kin and friends for a special seasonal tribute to two of our  favourite folk singers: Jean Ritchie and Leadbelly. There’s more info on that show here.

Another fun thing to share: my friend and collaborator Rene LaVice (who put out his new record Play With Fire recently) has a new podcast, and on the 2nd episode he called me up to talk about how we made our song The Calling. Take a listen here !

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Special show this month !

I'm excited to say that I'll be playing an Ivy Mairi show at one of my favourite new venues here in Toronto, Burdock Music Hall. Burdock is a lovely place, and is run by a group of folks who are very close to my heart. I'm so proud of the beautiful space for music that they've worked so hard to bring to life! 

I'll be playing music from Nonbeliever, as well as some new songs, and I'll have a new band to help bring life to them! My friends Matthew Bailey, Johnny Spence, Kieran Adams, and Caitlin Woelfle-O'Brien will be joining me for the evening. My east/west coast friend Devarrow will be stopping in the middle of his Canadian tour to play an opening set. He has just put out a new album, check it out! I am beyond excited for this show!

The show is on Thursday Oct 29, and you can find all the details on facebook here

Another exciting announcement – I will be singing with my good friends in the Weather Station when we open for Bahamas as part of the Live at Massey Hall Series (!!!) on November 27th! It will be a beautiful show, and one of the final shows there before they close the doors for some legacy renovations. I'm so honoured to be joining such a talented group of people on such a storied stage for the evening! 

burdock poster pic

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Good stuff coming up!

I’m gonna be involved in a couple of cool shows this month…

The first is TONIGHT at the Art Gallery of Ontario, as part of their monthly First Thursdays series. I’ll be singing some a capella Canadian nostalgia/anti-nostalgia in the reverberant Canadian galleries with Isla Craig, Sean Donald, Felicity Williams, and Robin Dann – such an amazing crew! We’ll be popping up throughout the night, so if you’re there, come find us! Full info can be found on the Facebook event.

Over the past year, Bruce Peninsula created some music to be featured in a new film, Sleeping Giant, which will be screened at TIFF 2015. On Friday Sept 11, the BP gang will be performing a set that also includes snippets of the Sleeping Giant music along with excerpts from the film. It’s all happening as part of TIFF Festival Street – you can get more information on the website here.

Then, on Friday Sept 18th I’m going to sing a couple of songs with local Toronto supergroup April Snow at my old stomping grounds, the Island Cafe, from 7-9pm. Should be an amazing way to celebrate the last threads of summer!

Check out this clip from Sleeping Giant that features some BP-created music!

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Hillside Fest this morning!

I’m headed over to Guelph this morning to play the Hillside Festival with my buds in the Weather Station! We play the Lake Stage at 6pm, right after one of my favs Doug Paisley. It should be a beautiful weekend of music, swimming, food, and fun hangs!

In other news, I finally joined Twitter. I’m not the biggest social media butterfly, but I felt that it was time…so you should follow me, and “get at me!” as they say!

Thought I’d post this beautiful video that Weather Station made last summer – we shot in this crazy old house in Parkdale, Toronto. And I just moved in around the corner from that house! Happy Summer everyone!

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Spring Things

May has been a great month so far, and there’s lots to tell!

About 10 years ago I was introduced to Michael Timmins, and in many ways that meeting laid the groundwork for my wonderful musical life to come. I was introduced to him by my good friend Anne Bourne, who had seen me sing my version of Pete Seeger’s One Grain of Sand and thought I should record it. I went to Mike’s old studio, the Clubhouse, and sang my 15-year old heart out! Mike and I went on to make my first 2 records together and I’ve learned immensely from working with him. Latent Recordings has chosen that original recording of One Grain of Sand as their feature for May’s Under Cover free download. You can download the song by clicking here.

In other news, kith&kin – my family a cappella trio – are branching out a bit this summer and presenting a music/theatre piece called The Hollow Square as part of the Toronto Fringe. The show will feature lots of the haunting Shapenote music that we perform, and our awesome choir will take part in the project as well! We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the costs of this labour-of-love, and donations can be made by clicking here. We only have a couple of weeks left to reach our goal – and we MUST reach our goal or we don’t get the money!

Also I have a new(ish) video to share! On the very last day of wintry weather in Toronto, Matt Bailey and I went out to shoot a live video of our song The First Day of Winter – we did it just in time! Many thanks to the Live in Bellwoods boys for making this beautiful video!

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